More watercolour sketches

I seem to be in a dreamy kind of mood, helped along by swirling paint strokes… go with the flow

the sea
I think of you when I lie in the sea

New painting sketches

I’ve been reading over old sketchbooks and poring over the art books in my library. This process, with a daily sketching practice, has encouraged the flow back into my work. Working with watercolour compliments this well.

the curve of you.JPG

Remembering the curve of you, watercolour sketch.

Mother Earth Rests, Sings the World to Sleep


This new work was made this evening. I sat and sketched on A4 medium-weight paper with watercolour pencils. I intended to make a wash over the top, but I like the cross-hatching and have decided to leave it be. I am making this into a large painting on canvas, But I’m not sure which medium to use yet…ink, watercolour or acrylic?